Qi beauty Practitioner Training with Prenaka Ram, Toronto

  We are absolutely LOVING following Qi beauty Master Practitioner and Qi beauty Trainer, Prenaka Ram, on her journey as a Qi beauty Practitioner and Teacher. Where energy goes, energy flows! You can follow her journey via Instagram @bosslady_status_ or contact Prenaka directly for practitioner training. @ Atouchofkarma@hotmail.com Via @bosslady_status_ bosslady_status_Qi Beauty demo was a huge…

Practitioner Feature: Linda Langenegger

Linda Langenegger is a medical aesthetician and certified Qi beauty Practitioner in Ontario, Canada. Linda has devoted her entire adult life to helping people look and feel their best, promoting healthy, vibrant skin with non-invasive treatments. 


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Meet the Qi beauty Trainers

We were thrilled to announce our first Trainers in Canada in September 2016. With years of experience in health and wellness, and with a passion for Qi beauty like that of our own, Lisa Dallin, Wendy Lind and Prenaka Ram have joined Qi beauty as Certified Trainers. Each practitioner brings her own unique touch to…

Factors contributing to how we age

Top factors contributing to health as we age Physical activity and exercise Healthy body composition Adequate water, fibre and micronutrient intake Phytochemical-rich diet Work/life balance Healthy sun exposure Strong social networks and deep interpersonal relationships Optimistic cardiovascular health through diet and lifestyle choices Meaningful conversation and creative expression Read More

Qi beauty Practitioners, British Columbia, Canada

Find your nearest Qi beauty practitioner in British Columbia, Canada Keonna Brisdon (MT) T: (778) 829- 0729 E: keonna@me.com Vancouver, BC Joanne M. Bryan (Registered Acupuncturist) Master Qi beauty Practitioner  AcuDynamics Wellness Ltd.  Suite 123 – 1628 West 1st Avenue Vancouver, BC Tel: (604) 454 4772 Email: jbryan@acudynamics.ca W: www.acudynamics.ca Twitter – @AcuDynamics Facebook – acudynamicswellness Roselyn…

Qi beauty Practitioners Alberta, Canada

Find your nearest Qi beauty Practitioner in Alberta, Canada Dawn Almberg (R.Ac, Herbalist) New Balance Acupuncture 11229 Jasper Avenue Edmonton, AB Tel:780-756-3111 Email: newbalance@shaw.ca Yvonne Cheng (Reg. Acupuncturist)  E: yvonne.lee.cheng@gmail.com Calgary, AB Jean Chow (R.Acupuncturist) Calgary AB T: (403) 280- 5769 E: chow_jean@hotmail.com Bronislava Knytlova (R.Acupuncturist T: (403) 239- 1167 E: dr.bknytlova@gmail.com Calgary, AB Elaine Livingston Angels Within is a…

The 80% of aging

Only 20% of the signs of aging is caused by biological factors such as DNA, time and metabolism. The other 80% is down to environmental and lifestyle factors; UV light, smoking, pollution, stress, oxidative stress and inflammation. Reactive oxygen molecules (free radicals) cause damage to our cells