Qi beauty Canada Facial Treatments and Practitioner Training

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Skin Recovery with the Qi beauty DIY Home Kit and Gold-Plated Micro Magnet Facial Treatment

Practitioner Training 2017

Train Today – Start Tomorrow 

Qi beauty Practitioner Training in Canada

Certified Qi beauty Practitioner logo

Qi beauty Training is now available year-round for practitioners wanting to learn a new modality, or continue their study with Qi beauty, with our certified Qi beauty Trainers  based in Canada.

Qi beauty Australia continues to provide ongoing support to all existing and newly trained practitioners.

Meet our Qi beauty Trainers

untitled-2579WEBSIZED.jpgWith Qi beauty Certified Trainer, Lisa Dallin

Dr. Lisa Dallin as a retired Naturopath and Acupuncturist. Founder & practitioner, Lisa Dallin inspires healthy ageless living in her clients with Lifestyle Programs, Qi beauty Treatments, and Pilates coaching.


Sept 16, 17 2017 (18th – Advanced) – Kelowna bc
Oct 14,15th (16th – Advanced) – Ottawa Ontario
Jan 13, 14th 2018 – Kelowna BC

One to one and small group training available

Contact Lisa Dallin ldallin@islandnet.com

WendyLind-web-300x201With Qi beauty Certified Trainer ,Wendy Lind 

RAc   Registered Acupuncturist (*CTCMA BC)
R.H.A.   Registered Holistic Allergist

Small Group training available. Contact Eastern Currents for training dates.

Wendy Lind is the Founder and primary practitioner at Raindrops Acupuncture Vancouver.

PH: 604-839-9789

Prenaka-760x380With Qi beauty Certified Trainer, Prenaka Ram at Namaste Wellness and Day Spa 

Prenaka is a strong, fair and fiercely loyal young businesswoman who brought these qualities to Namaste when she became owner in 2011. Prenaka is a massage therapist, aesthetician, Qi beauty Practitioner and Qi beauty Trainer

Contact Namaste Wellness and Day Spa

PH:(780) 467-9809
Email: info@namastespa.ca

Read the Training Outline 

Training Fees: Canada Training Schedule 2017

What is Qi beauty?

1.Qi beauty Gold Facial Treatment

2.DIY Home Kit

3. Natural and Organic Certified Australian Made Products

Margot Robbie Qi beauty Facial Gold Coast Australia


Health, wellness and qi with Qi beauty SOCIAL Australia 

official-qi-beauty-facial-photo-low-resAbout Qi beauty Practitioner Training

Qi beauty is personalised to treat your specific needs; fine lines and wrinkles, loss of facial volume, loss of facial elasticity, uneven facial features, detoxification and drainage, as well as more severe skin conditions like bells palsy, periorbital prolapse and scarring. Qi beauty offers people of all ages customised anti-aging and skin health with the Qi beauty Facial Treatment, DIY Home Kits and Natural and Organic skin Care products. 

DIY Age-Control anywhere -anytime 

The Qi beauty Home Kit is the first DIY anti-aging Kit designed to target skin elasticity, volume and give skin a radiant glow in a personalised, portable kit that you can use anywhere and anytime. The DIY Home Kit can be used for a Lip Lift, Eye Lift, Detox Treatment, or full face Beauty Lift.

home-kit-left-layoutHow it Works

Taking less than 10 seconds to apply, the stimulating Qi micro-patches are effective immediately. The Qi beauty Home Kit system has a dual effect; Increasing skin permeability, thereby increasing performance of your best skin care products, AND stimulating the rise of sub-dermal nutrients. We recommend wearing the micro-patches for 4-8 hours for optimal results.

LOVE your skin with Qi

Find a Practitioner in Canada


Become a Qi beauty Practitioner

Indulge your skin in Certified Australian Made products containing Australian botanicals and active ingredients with medicinal properties.

Made with Organics for natural, sustainable skin care.

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