Qi beauty International was founded in Australia in 2006 to offer Magnetic Skin Recovery Systems to women of all ages, skin types, and skincare rituals.  Qi beauty founder, Kathy Pedersen, along with certified Qi beauty Practitioners around the world, remains committed to providing authentic, pro-health, age-control systems.

Qi beauty Magnetic Skin Recovery Facial Treatment using gauss specific gold plated Qi micro magnets to assist natural recovery potential, biological defence processes and encourage healthy, glowing skin.

Based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, the Qi beauty training clinic is the heart of the Qi beauty network of practitioners around the world. Here, the Qi beauty team is committed to the evolution of Magnetic Skin Recovery.

Qi beauty Magnetic Skin Recovery protocols for anti-ageing assist that natural function of skin to enhance biological processes in the recovery, defence and energetic nature of skin.

Suitable for women of all ages; Australian actor Annabelle Clare, international model Julia Koenig, and broadway Actor Vivien Carter, lead a procession of young women who have embraced Qi beauty to supporting both beauty and skin health.

Qi beauty is known as an authentic brand with a social and environmental conscience, we are passionate about strengthening the relationship between health and beauty.



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