Practitioner Testimonials

“The Qi Beauty System has allowed my practice to expand as it gives a true alternative for those clients who may be reticent about needles but are keen and interested to do something about the aging process. I find that once a client has had a treatment they want to book again. They also want to know more about the Patch System and the other products in the range.”

-Karen Di Nicola, Acupuncturist, Coffs Harbour, Australia

“…Kathy is a great mentor, trainer and friend. She is always there for me whenever I have questions or need products.She has great business acumen and goes out of her way to do what she can to help with the business of Qi beauty. I am so happy to have discovered Qi beauty and appreciate how it has helped my business by giving it a unique edge over my competitors! It introduced new clients to my clinic and also expanded my existing clientele to experience a new, exciting treatment with instant results.”

-Eli Huang, Acupuncturist, Sydney, Australia

“I enjoyed learning about Qi beauty and seeing the immediate changes. You have created a innovative way to help women with their skin as they age. I enjoyed the enthusiastic teaching by your team. The scientific background presentations provided credibility to the Qi beauty process and results. The thermography photos were especially interesting. Your instructions were clear and positive feedback for our beginning attempts at using the products were much appreciated.  Thank you for coming such a long distance to teach and share. All the best!”

-Jean Chow, Acupuncturist, Alberta, Canada

“I took the 2nd Qi beautyTM practitioner training by Eastern Currents, thinking I was going to learn a really cool new skin treatment technique. The course outline photos showed a relaxed patient with a matrix of tiny golden magnetized beads laid over her face, like some exotic jewellery…much more attractive than 100 needles in your face during an acupuncture treatment.

Kathy Pedersen started her morning lecture about static magnetic fields and their effects on skin, blood vessels, and nerves, and I found myself perched on the edge of my chair, fascinated and intensely curious. Therapeutic? Was I hearing this right?

Qi beauty is a very simple technique to grasp if you have a good understanding of facial acupoints and the jing jin channels of the face – making acupuncturists ideal Qi beautyTM practitioners. The training course is hands-on, and straightforward, and the follow-up is outstanding.

My clinical outcomes with Qi beauty have exceeded my wildest expectations. After giving hundreds of cosmetic acupuncture facials, I can no longer think of a valid reason to ever pierce a face again. Qi beautyTM is excellent, check it out for yourself”

-Beverly Osachoff, R.TCMP, Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada

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