Facial Treatments


Every facial is unique, ever experience different.
1000 gold plated micro magnets are applied to your skin to stimulate sub-dermal layers and move natural anti-ageing compounds upwards.

The results? 

noticeable change in the appearance and tone of your skin.
Reduce the appearance of small lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. Over time, your Qi beauty facial treatments will sustain the health and vitality of your skin for long term age-control, and beauty at every age.

Qi beauty Facial Lift Treatment: Initial (90mins)

This luxurious treatment activates Qi within the skin to define facial features and promote volume within facial lines for an anti-age result. Natural and organic Australian blends are applied in sequence throughout the twelve steps of the Qi beauty Facial Treatment to provide nutrient support to assist deep repair. This facial treatment is the first step to continuous and sustainable age control.

Qi beauty Sensitive Skin Treatment: (70mins)

Qi encourages stimulation to create balance whilst calming sensitive or reactive skin. The Qi beauty intense oil, a powerful anti-inflammatory soothes and nourishes skin for deep hydration. This full face infusion will help to boost skin elasticity and deliver immediate skin firmness. Ask your Qi beauty practitioner to prescribe the Home Kit to extend the results of clinical treatments.

Qi beauty EYE Lift Treatment: (50mins)

If you would like to target a specific area, the Qi beauty EYE lift treatment combines Qi stimulation with natural and organic formulations to deliver an instant result. Fine lines, puffy eyes, and dark circles are all addressed during this deeply relaxing treatment. Ask about the Qi beauty eye lift Home Kit to sustain your results.

Qi beauty LIP Lift Treatment: (50mins)

The Qi beauty signature LIP lift treatment uses techniques to create pools of volume within the fine lines around the lip line to help restore lip definition and to bring fullness directly to the lips for a better pout. An infusion of Australian botanicals provides the skin around the mouth with nutrients whilst fluids beneath the skin rise to create greater volume.

Qi beauty Purity mask: (70mins)

The Qi beauty purity mask is a unique blend of Australia’s finest oils and nutrients crafted to promote a bright luminous complexion. Active ingredients work with Qi stimulation to restore balance leaving the skin smooth, soft and clear.

Speak to a Qi beauty practitioner

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