DIY Home Kit

DIY Home Kit

The Qi beauty DIY Home Kit is your beautiful little secret for controlling the way you age… Anywhere – anytime.

Following the Qi beauty DIY instructions your Home Kit: 

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  • 50 treatments
  • Face map for you to follow for a complete beauty lift
  • See results after 6 weeks of regular use
  • Bright skin
  • regulate skin pH
  • boost natural collagen and elastin
  • boost natural volume and skin bounce
  • Use it with your favourite products to make them even better!
  • Have it customised it to treat your personal needs


Lip Lift for a more full pout


Eye Lift for bright eyes


Detoxification to reduce fluid retention, define the jaw and ease puffy eyes


Ask a Qi beauty Practitioner how or email Qi beauty


How it works

Qi beauty Gold Plated Micro Magnet Stimulators

The disposable Qi micro magnets are gold plated spheres that have been specifically designed for skin pH compatibility. The hypo-allergenic self adhesive tape makes application safe and easy. After your DIY treatment, you just throw them away!

Gold plated

The Qi micro-magnets are gold plated to offer skin superior care, skin brightening capabilities, and therapeutic qualities


The Qi beauty Home Kit system takes less than a minute  to apply. Following the Qi face map, apply the Qi micro magnets to clean, dry skin. Once your DIY treatment is in place, you can apply your moisturiser, oil or serum as normal. In the morning simply remove the Qi micro magnets and dispose.

When to use

Use your DIY beauty Lift anytime, anywhere. While you’re cooking, cleaning, studying or relaxing at home. Netflix & Qi. 


We believe in age-control. We have learnt that we can train our skin to behave energetically, just as we train our body, to be fit and healthy. Using Qi beauty’s DIY Home Kit to stimulate biological responses for anti-aging we are all capable of making our skin look, feel and age, beautifully. Our mission is to give women the tools they need to control the way they age. We believe all women want to age with health, vitality and radiance. Qi beauty is committed to honoring beauty at every age.

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