Botanical +Serums

Indulge your skin with Australia’s best natural and organic ingredients made into synergistic formulas to nourish, protect and revitalise skin

Natural and Organic ingredients + magnetic stimulation for increased permeation and even better results 

Natural and organic ingredients in the Qi beauty products are nourishing for sensitive and damaged skin. Qi beauty has developed a boutique skin care range available to customers that is the same as the  formulations practitioners use throughout the Qi beauty facial, so you know they are designed for use with Magnetic Stimulation. The ingredients chosen posses medicinal qualities that have long been used for health and wellbeing. We offer these to you in the Qi beauty skin care range, available through certified Qi beauty Practitioners in Canada. 

The benefits of going natural

Qi beauty moisturisers, oils and serums feature some of the worlds most luxurious and nutrient rich compounds. Qi beauty’s signature ingredient, Sea buckthorn oil has over 190 nutritional compounds and the highest source of omega 7 available to skin topically.

The future with Qi

As your skin is stimulated, Qi is activated.

You will notice a visible change in the behaviour, tone, texture and feel of your skin.  Long term use of the Qi beauty age-control systems will make skin more active, improving its natural ability to repair. Skin vitality and health will be apparent as you will notice less lines, a clearer complexion and reduced pigmentation. The formation of fine lines and wrinkles will slow, as the Home Kit is actively working on the natural anti-aging mechanism of your skin.

Purchase the Home Kit systems and Natural and Organic products from a practitioner near you 

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