Trick your skin into behaving younger

There comes a point when a moisturiser just doesn’t cut it anymore, and you notice that your skin needs a little something else, just something to give it a boost – maybe even the complexion, or help smooth those fine lines around the eyes. Serums are the go-to for serious skin care, they are the first step when you’re looking at a more ‘active’ way of taking care of your skin….

The energy that governs you

It is not visible energy, but it is detected in our state of being, when we feel settled, at peace with ourselves and the world around us, this is the state we like to feel. When it is unsettled, or the energy is blocked, we can feel unsettled, and not quite like ourselves…

Best ingredients for Skin Nutrition

The Qi beauty products combine natural and organic ingredients to nourish skin with active compounds and the energy skin needs for daily protection against stress and free radicals

DIY to Vibrant Skin Lift

#5 Custom DIY Kits when you notice your skin changing – seasonally, due to stress, illness – or another birthday.. Contour, reduce puffy eyes, and brighten skin – naturally

Winter skin care ritual

Active ingredients perform different roles, a combination of them will be used in a serum to targeting specific skin conditions like pigmentation or severe dehydration. Active ingredients can be either natural or bio-synthetic, meaning they have been made to mimic the body’s naturally occurring anti-ageing compounds. Read More about Active ingredients for a winter skin care…

Premature aging and fine lines around the eyes

All of these active ingredients are in the ActiV88 EYE serum featuring medicinal plant extracts and active biosynthetic ingredients. ActiV88 EYE serum is able to be absorbed by skin to ‘actively’ work on skin for up to 6 hours after application

Qi beauty Practitioners USA

Qi beauty Practitioners in New York Qi beauty is available exclusively with Acupuncturist Soo-Mi Hwang, Soo-Mi Hwang L.Ac. 145 East 16 Street Ground Floor New York, NY 10003. 212-629-7025.

Qi beauty practitioners in Ontario, Canada

Find your nearest Qi beauty Practitioner in Ontario, Canada Dr. Keshia Bishop, ND Dronyk Health Clinic 1401 River Rd. E. Suite 5A Kitchener, ON N2A 3X9 ph: 519-894-0024 Catherine Carleton- Fitchett (ACU) Holistque 36 Muirhead Cres, Brantford ON Stouffville, ON T: (519) 752- 7373 Virginia Choi (R.Ac) Toronto, ON T: (647) 829= 8368…

Qi beauty Practitioner in Manitoba, Canada

Find your nearest Qi beauty practitioner in Manitoba, Canada Qi beauty it available at Stealthy Living: Gillian Storsley Stealthy Living Unit 8-877 Waverley St Winnipeg, MB R3T 5V3 Tel:  204-487-7771 Email:

Qi beauty Practitioner, New Brunswick, Canada

Find your nearest Qi beauty Practitioner in New Brunswick, Canada Claudette Theriault (PT) Clinique Physio Actiform Inc. St. Quentin, NB T: (506) 235- 1190 E: