Practitioner Feature: Linda Langenegger

Linda Langenegger is a medical aesthetician and certified Qi beauty Practitioner in Ontario, Canada. Linda has devoted her entire adult life to helping people look and feel their best, promoting healthy, vibrant skin with non-invasive treatments. 


Luxurious Certified Australian Made, Natural and Made with Organics. The foundations of healthy skin start with a nourishing and luxurious experience. Healthy, vibrant, and energetic skin starts with Qi

Achieving Facial Symmetry

The Qi beauty facial Treatment naturally enhances facial features, naturally stimulates collagen and elastin to create lift and volume, and can naturally assist to balance uneven facial features for a more symmetrical facial landscape…

Factors contributing to how we age

Top factors contributing to health as we age Physical activity and exercise Healthy body composition Adequate water, fibre and micronutrient intake Phytochemical-rich diet Work/life balance Healthy sun exposure Strong social networks and deep interpersonal relationships Optimistic cardiovascular health through diet and lifestyle choices Meaningful conversation and creative expression Read More

The 80% of aging

Only 20% of the signs of aging is caused by biological factors such as DNA, time and metabolism. The other 80% is down to environmental and lifestyle factors; UV light, smoking, pollution, stress, oxidative stress and inflammation. Reactive oxygen molecules (free radicals) cause damage to our cells

Oxidative Stress and intrinsic aging

Oxidative stress plays a central role in initiating and driving events that cause skin aging at the cellular level (Masaki 2010). It is known that a primary causes of   Oxidative stress is pollution, UV exposure, glucose levels, hormones, and (of course) stress. Sugar stimulates an ageing process called glycation. When collagen comes in contact…

Customised Skin Care

Even without customisation, the Home Kit is complete. In the Kit is a Face Map outlining the best points to use to stimulate the Natural Healing response…

Trick your skin into behaving younger

There comes a point when a moisturiser just doesn’t cut it anymore, and you notice that your skin needs a little something else, just something to give it a boost – maybe even the complexion, or help smooth those fine lines around the eyes. Serums are the go-to for serious skin care, they are the first step when you’re looking at a more ‘active’ way of taking care of your skin….