Qi beauty Practitioner Training is an Intensive hands-on course instructed by Certified Qi beauty Trainers.

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The explanation for the effects of static magnetic field (SMF) on skin and underlying tissues, employs a quantum view of physical tissue alongside the Newtonian or mechanical view, which means that it sits between science and quantum physics.

Qi beauty draws on quantum physics, Oriental Medicine philosophy, and Bio-regulatory principles to manipulate the facial landscape and stimulate the Recovery potential of Skin. In Level One and Two practitioners will perform and master the overarching goals of;

  • Skin analysis and Matrix application using core protocols, reverse protocols, and adapted protocols to initiate the Natural Healing Response and Recovery Potential of Skin using Static Magnetic Fields. 
  • Using Qi beauty’s Static Magnetic Stimulation Techniques to direct the movement of sub-dermal fluid to desired facial areas using Varying Magnetic Gradients following Qi beauty’s Protocols for Skin Recovery. 

Direct the movement of sub-dermal fluids to desired facial areas using Qi beauty’s protocols for varying Magnetic Gradient’s in cosmetic application.

The techniques of Qi beauty including Static Magnetic Stimulation Techniques,  Matrix adaptation, and Skin Recovery Protocols, is based on the evidence gathered over 11 years of clinical trials performed by Kathy Pedersen, with supplementary case studies conducted by other qualified Qi beauty Practitioners around Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

Theory and Practical Components of Level One and Level Two include:

  • Qi beauty Foundation techniques: Chaining, bridging, anchoring and reservoirs.
  • Performance of Core Protocols; Anti-Age, Lip Lift, Eye Lift, Vascular Conditions, Toxic Skin Factors
  • Initiating the recovery potential of skin.
  • The role of skin flora and the Qi beauty detoxification treatment using reverse protocols
  • Theories of matrix adaptation for pigmentation, weak collagen fibres and poor elasticity 
  • Techniques to utilise the bio-regulatory and regenerative effects of Static Magnetic Fields
  • Application of an adapted matrix for presenting conditions.

For Training in Australia visit Qi beauty International 


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