Meet the Qi beauty Trainers

We were thrilled to announce our first Trainers in Canada in September 2016. With years of experience in health and wellness, and with a passion for Qi beauty like that of our own, Lisa Dallin, Wendy Lind and Prenaka Ram have joined Qi beauty as Certified Trainers. Each practitioner brings her own unique touch to the Qi beauty training, complementing our philosophy of energetic, vibrant ageing.



With Qi beauty Certified Trainer, Lisa Dallin

Dr. Lisa Dallin as a retired Naturopath and Acupuncturist. Founder and practitioner, Lisa Dallin inspires healthy ageless living in her clients with Lifestyle Programs, Qi beauty Treatments, and Pilates coaching.

(PLACES OPEN) Jan 13, 14th 2018 – Kelowna BC

One to one and small group training available

Contact Lisa Dallin



With Qi beauty Certified Trainer ,Wendy Lind 

RAc   Registered Acupuncturist (*CTCMA BC)
R.H.A.   Registered Holistic Allergist

Small Group training available. Contact  Eastern Currents for training dates.


Wendy Lind is the Founder and primary practitioner at Raindrops Acupuncture Vancouver.

Email: PH: 604-839-9789



With Qi beauty Certified Trainer, Prenaka Ram at Namaste Wellness and Day Spa 

Prenaka is a strong, fair and fiercely loyal young businesswoman who brought these qualities to Namaste when she became owner in 2011. Prenaka is a massage therapist, aesthetician, Qi beauty Practitioner and Qi beauty Trainer.

Contact Namaste Wellness and Day Spa

PH:(780) 467-9809

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