Treating Acne: A Practitioners Perspective

Kathy Pedersen talks about how to use the Qi beauty Facial to treat acne in teens and young adults.

“Most Acne sufferers seek to determine underlying causes for their condition and look to complementary therapies to help balance hormones, provide dietary advice, advise skin care programs, provide stress lowering treatments, treat underlying tissue damage and fix the skin barrier. Whilst people with Acne are usually very committed to following a treatment program, patience is key.  Acne treatment is a slow process, and this is the difficulty when treating young adults who are anxious to see a result.” (

The treatment of Acne starts with exploring the principles of skin conditions; there are 12 in total that Kathy emphasises when treating Acne with the Qi beauty Facial Treatment.

  • That “The first line of defence is the unbroken skin” .
  • The treatment goal is to prevent new lesions and scarring.
  • The importance of the skin barrier and homeostasis to encourage flora attachment to skin.
  • The relationship between hormonal imbalance and acne.

Read the full list 

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