Reducing clogged pores naturally

Blackheads are caused  by elongated or open pores that get clogged by dead skin cells or excessive oil production from below the surface. Pores could be damaged due to a number of reasons, in Australia one of the top causes is sun stress – other causes are heavy or toxic products, cosmetics, and dehydration. To reduce the risk of blackheads, the number one rule is to keep skin hydrated.

Excessive cleansing, toning and removing oil from the skin, like microdermabrasion, or peels, can contribute to skin dehydration, which will make your skin produce more oil fuelling the cycle.

  • Step 1. Cleanse and gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells with a natural fibre. Remove is an organic formula featuring fine grade volcanic pumice stone. Cleanse with a formula that is not dehydrating, you should choose a cleanser that doesn’t contain astringents, instead use a product with moisturising and nourishing oils.
  • Step 2. After you’ve cleansed and gently exfoliated skin, use Steam to open pores.  10-15 minutes with your head over a steamer is enough to soften skin cells, and make it easier to remove blackheads.
  • TIP  Bore pore strips are good if you have a lot of congestion, particularly around the nose. You can cut them into smaller pieces so you don’t aggravate skin that is clear.
  • Step 3 After you have gently removed the blackhead apply a hydrating toner that contains both astringents and hydrating oils the GC Spritz is our version of a toner and is equally hydrating as it is tonifying.
  • TIP If your skin is irritated, apply fresh cucumber to soothe redness, ease discomfort and irritation, it is also a natural adaptogen so it will enhance the natural repair of skin and products you apply
  • Step 4 Apply a small amount of toner to your skin and allow to dry then apply an active serum with Hyaluronic Acid, or Matrixyl-300 to hydrate skin below the surface (where the damage is and the cycle begins)

To finish, protect skin with an oil or moisturiser.

For severely clogged pores, repeat this weekly with an organic clay face mask on an alternating night to assist in drawing impurities out. (Use the clay mask the night before for best results)

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