Premature aging and fine lines around the eyes

All of these active ingredients are in the ActiV88 EYE serum featuring medicinal plant extracts and active biosynthetic ingredients. ActiV88 EYE serum is able to be absorbed by skin to ‘actively’ work on skin for up to 6 hours after application

The GC Spritz

As much as I love sharing vegan gingerbread recipes and talking about new years resolutions, theres something even more important that needs to be address, particularly in summer when our squinting habits increase 10 fold – it’s those tiny, fine, crows-feet lines in the corners of our eyes that eventually extend lower… and lower…. and lower. These are unacceptable. Not because aging isn’t beautiful; lines are a representation of who we are, how much we’ve smiled and laughed, and they reveal the many summer days spent at the beach. But because at 25, we shouldn’t see these lines. Our skin should be vibrant, full of elasticity and collagen that prevent such lines from appearing, even if we do forget our sunnies on occasion.

Aside from the obvious recommendations; wear a hat, UV specs, don’t look directly at the sun…. There are other things we can do that work both internally and…

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